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NM ActiveWear and My New Workout Routine


Is it that time of the year where we start a healthier lifestyle?  well, that’s me right now,  and this year it goes for real, for the past 2 years I’ve been  going on and off with my workout routine but it wasn’t like that all the time, I was actually very committed to it, until something happened.

I’m a person of routines(some at least) I started formally  practicing ballet and modern dance when I was 14 and I did it for 18 years! it was something that fulfilled my life in such way that nothing has come close to it. Unfortunately  the older I grew, the harder it was to find classes that suited my scheduled (I also wanted to avoid the embarrassment of dancing with teenagers) so I ended up taking “adult” lessons, usually for beginners and it bored me to death.

yoga wear onzeiOne day I decided to join the McAllen Ballet Co. they were getting ready for Aladdin, so I auditioned and my part was, drum rolls please … The Market Lady!! haha not only corp of ballet, but “The Lady”! I can’t recovered from those feelings yet, anyways, after many weeks of long and exhausting rehearsals, I started to feel uncomfortable, there was something in my lower back bothering me, good thing was that I was able to conceal it pain killers, the big day was almost here anyways, and I was ready to take a break.

Despite of my lack of physical activity in the subsequent days, this whole pain thing was annoying me, I mean, I’m a healthy person! never suffered from anything, and now  it was hard to even walk! we thought it was the sciatic nerve so I started physical therapy which helped me a lot, therefore I started practicing Tennis but soon after I stopped because the pain was back, some more therapy and I joined Cycling and body pump at the gym, this was another failure.

I had long episodes of not doing much, nothing was quite good or interesting, until I tried Pilates Reformer and barre, here is where I met my friend Ale (café  con ellas) this discipline gave me everything I was looking for, the way your mind and body connect and work in synchrony it surely feels good! the pain was there but not as bad, not even close! I haven’t recovered in a 100% but at least I understood that there’s a type of exercise for everyone and for every age, No es lo mismo 8 que 80!

                             Top| SPIRITUAL GANGSTER

Leggings | ONZIE

   Gripping Sock| GAIA

Spiritual gangster

spiritual gangster onzie yoga

nm activewear Neiman Marcus yoga

onzie activewear

But enough is enough, I’m taking control over my body, not only because evidently I need to tone it up but also because I miss the feeling of shortness of breath and the state of soreness the day after! I’m ready to little by little retake my good old  habits, I had scheduled my doctor’s appointment to get the okay and as for now, I’m engaging in this simple but very enjoyable routine that Ale sent me.



15 Minutes Cardio

  • Elliptical, treadmill or bicycle.
  • Legs / Arms (1-3 dumbbells) 45 secs each and repeat 3 times. increase from 5 -10″ each week.

To complement my routine, what a better way than this  super cute gear! my favorite piece are definitely tops with fun sayings! but the leggings OMG! they compress my thighs and derrière allowing me to move comfortably and confidently.  

See this vid were Xitlat from Neiman Marcus, shares all the amazing gear they have at the NM ACTIVE zone, here we pulled a few tees from the racks that we thought it  matched our personalities!



Pilates Sock|GAIA

Spiritual gangster lizo247 cafe con ellas yogawear

Spiritual gangster lizo247 cafe con ellas yogawear

Spiritual gangster lizo247 cafe con ellas yogawear

Thank for reading Loves! I hope you stick to your routine as too! and make sure you connect with me thorough my stories on Instagram!

Spiritual gangster lizo247 cafe con ellas yogawear


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