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My Easter Bunny



Let me tell you a little bit about the way we celebrate Easter, it’s definitely about the family with children being the center of attention, (when not) We have a young family, lots of nephews and only one niece, my daughter, AKA her majesty Princess Ivanna, who happens to be into cooking just the way I was at her age, with a little difference, she likes to prepare sweets, me not so much but that’s the best part, we complete each other, sometimes she is my helper and a lot of times I’m hers, someone has to clean that little mess.😁

Today’s Specials

We saved a few of recipes she found on youtube, confetti vanilla cake with lemon frosting, rices krispies with colorful peeps and arroz con leche (rice pudding) this one grandma’s favorite.

She likes her rice pudding solid, I prefer it more runny  but again, I’m just the sous-chef here. Since preparing desserts is not my thing, I use a lot of pre-made ingredients trying to be as selective as possible, I watch our sweets intake but there are certain occasions that is worth the sugar crash.

But for mini-Me, CAKE is everything!

She has put a lot of enthusiasm on this, the least I can do is to make the experience even more fun, this is  our moment, when she said let’s bake a cake I imagined it in layers, yes the naked one, no experience doing this whatsoever, she picked lemon frosting and strawberry filling for flavors, this is it, challenge is on!

This is our first time cutting a cake in layers so symmetry was not perfect, a little strawberry jelly here and there, frosting for decoration, and a purple PEEP with almonds eggs as toppers.

The rest of the Easter menu will consist in light bites,shrimp and watermelon ceviche, guac and chips, basil baked potatoes, arugula and apple salad, aaaaand let’s not forget about the juicy steaks, lucky me, my brother it’s a great barbecuer, so he is in charge of them. 😋

Is it my turn yet?🙆

On the other hand what actually brings content to my heart is setting up the table, I’m not a pro but I surely  enjoy putting decorations together , Easter is the perfect Spring reunion where I can incorporate bright and deep colors with the  pastels of Easter.

This time I kept it Eclectic, a tip to not overdoing it, is to use one dominant style or patten, in this case, I focused in the Mackenzie Childs checkered collection, I have a huge fixation for these patterns.


The only new acquisition this time was the egg garland from hobby lobby, I always wait till last minute to buy seasonal decorations, discounts are in order!,  next year I’ll reuse them in a different way, so my little investment is safe.


I mostly get my flowers from blooms at HEB, you can’t beat the convenience of it,  besides, they have a great selection and friendly  prices, I can spend most of my grocery shopping time in this section chatting with the florist, I always learn something new from them,  for example, orchids don’t really need soil, just nutrients from the air. 😳


I don’t need a reason to have fresh flowers adorning my space, for some people these are the final touch or complement, for me, they are the main focus, I don’t stress over vasesanything that can hold flowers and water would do, like this pitcher, so darling!


This is how we’ve spend our Ester, cooking and decorating the fort part of the day, I know my baby girl will not be a child forever that’s why having moments like this are a must, hashtag Memories Are Forever 😉

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter friends!


Co-writter Ivanna V.  Ferreira,  (emojis mainly)☺


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