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Jewelry Organization Ideas


Hi, my name is Rose and I’m addicted to Jewelry… There, I said it ! Although  I have no intention to recovering  from this obsession, I do acknowledge though that I need to make a bigger effort in keeping it better organized.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been from Pantry to office to closet, it feels great walking into a room and seeing everything in order including drawers! I’m prepping and video for you to see my before and afters and what type of boxes, hangers and storage containers work better for my needs. Meanwhile I decided to show you a sneak peek of my Jewelry boxes and displays.


Jewelry Organization ideas Lizostyle

It’s impossible not to obsessed over Ary D’po jewelry, the aesthetic of its collections is admirable. Use LIZOSTYLE20 prome code in your next purchase

But how can I stay organized? 

Doesn’t matter what month of the year we are in; organizing rooms, closets and drawers is always a good idea, I know that sometimes it’s hard to commit to it more so when you work and have to take care of your family BUT it’s said, that we only need to dedicate 15 minutes to a specific area every other day to stay organized and clutter free.
Here are a few ideas that will inspire you start organizing your precious things.

Jewelry Organization ideas Lizostyle

Jewelry Organization ideas Lizostyle

When you are shopping  for jewelry cases make sure to include the shallow ones that can fit in your drawers, I use one drawer chest just for accessories. I also  have  only two big multi drawer jewelry boxes that I leave on top of my vanity, I use them to store trendy and bulky jewelry because they don’t look as aesthetic as my Ary D’po Something I stay away from are the clear plastic cases, they scratch and turn dull easily, but I do use them for my makeup, more of this in a different blog.


Jewelry Organization ideas Lizostyle

Lastly, I want to share my 3 top benefits that motivate me to stay organized, you don’t have to do everything in one day all you have to do is to start with 15 minutes at a time .

Having a designated space for everything, can bring many benefits such:

  • Saving money by not buying things that we already have
  • Reduce stress by not looking for misplaced things
  • and my favorite one, everything looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.



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