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First Time Em Madeira Portugal


I landed in Madeira island 8 hrs ago, the first thing I wanted to do was sharing my new location but oh surprise IG was down, it’s still down, (it feels like a bad dream 😰)  anyway, I had to go ahead and start exploring the town without you my lovely people, here is a little recap.

We are staying at the Casa Velha do  Palheiros, is a hotel boutique at the top of the mountain surrounded by  green fields and beautiful gardens, I can’t wait to show you guys around but that will have to wait, today all I had in mind is going to town and have something good to eat .

Huge dragon fruit ever!

Funchal is the main village in the island, only 15 minutes drive from the hotel, streets are narrow and very steep like any other city in Europe so walking might seem tempting but definitely not entirely enjoyable.

Before arriving to our dinner date I made a quick stop to the Merca

do dos Lavradores, the way they arrange the fruit looks very appealing all the way from the street. After asking 10,000 questions about pretty much everything, I bought this huge dragon fruit thinking on having it for breakfast next morning (I haven’t even had dinner yet 🤦‍♀️) and of course I snapped a few pictures of  strangest fruit ever, a combination of pineapple and banana.


In Madeira they’re still reinforcing the use of face coverings which can be somehow annoying coming from Texas where seeing someone wearing them  makes you feel odd  but monkey see monkey do, I’m not going to be the one who kills the vibe 😷.

At last we are having this amazing dinner at

, here you’ll find traditional Portuguese food so good that you won’t mind the service. This place is booked so if you want to try their famous Bacalhau TM make sure to request a table ahead of time.

Madeira dishes with Bacalhau

Bacalhau TM


Peixe espada

After stuffing our faces with mouthwatering food, we decided walk to our hotel, at least  for 30 minutes ( incline level 50!) obviously we didn’t make it all the way up but it was a romantic sweat under the stars with incredible views over the city.


I’ll  continue updating my stay here, regardless if instagram is still a thing or whatever.


Love you Dearly,



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