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Creating a Vision/ Dream Board. My favorite NYE ritual.


I’ve always considered myself a powerful “manifestator” sometimes all I need is to think of what I want and it magically becomes a realit, well not quite that easy, sometimes it requires more than just a thought. I stared working on vision boards back in my twenties without  knowing how helpful this tool was going to be.

“There’s nothing magical  about a Vision Board, is you who can make your dreams come true but having a daily reminder is motivating and inspiring “

When people ask me if this manifesting tool really works, I don’t know what to say, it’s not about believing or witch craft and I can’t really promise that it’ll work on yours too but, I’ve seen it worked even on the most skeptical people in the least expected time.

I like my boards practical, I only add images of what’s important for me in that moment. I revise it every month, usually to add more images. It’s heartwarming and encouraging to see how many of my dreams I was able to achieve.

Rose Ferreira LizoStyle. Vision Board.

Gathering the images is what takes most of the time, I find most of them in  magazines but I also print from the internet. The quotes are from my ERIN CONDREN planners. Reuse and recycle ladies!

Rose Ferreira LizoStyle. Vision Board.

My old board was twice the size of this one, which at some point was fun but I don’t need that much space anymore, (wink, wink) I found this one at HOME GOODS, the jute texture is what caught my eye, secondly the price, it was less than $20 bucks!

Check out this vid.

Rose Ferreira LizoStyle. Vision Board.

I often smudge my house with sage and palo santo but never done directly  to my vision board, I read that doing it regularly, (mainly when we feel down) helps clearing its energy.

SEMI-PRO TIP once you’ve finished your board, don’t just forget about, edit it as regularly as you want, don’t stick to goals or dreams that no longer make you feel butterflies in your stomach and say your affirmations, these are my favorite but you can make your own.

“My mind is clear and focused. I’m doing my best every day. I’m in charge f my own happiness. My body is perfect the way it is. I’m successful in what I do. I’m Present. I’m worthy f receiving what I want. I work where I want, when I want and with the people I want. I’m grateful everyday.”

There you have it, my vision board will be never fully finished, it’s more like an on going life project but it’s exciting to start the new year visualizing  what you will have  in it.

What about you, do you have a favorite ritual to start the new year?

Happy 2022 Queens!!!






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