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New hair New Wardrobe


Who else celebrates Autumn with a change of look? this year I am ! short hair in auburn hues is the cherry on top that will complement my Fall style.

zara fall tweed coats lizostyle

Truth is, I can’t  keep the same style for too long, I get bored easily. I usually go from blonde to brown and then it fades to reds. Darkening my hair is easy maintaining it is hard, my natural pigments start to show after a few shampoos regardless of the color protection products I use at home.  That’s the reason that I lean towards balayage in blondes, because they  are so easy to keep up with.

zara fall tweed coats lizostyleSo I changed my hair, now I need a new wardrobe to go with it, during these past days I practically went on a shopping spree,(I’ll show you in subsequent posts) I really needed to update my fall closet. Despite that I reuse my classic pieces, I still like to get one or two trends like these lace and satin camis, they are everything right now! I’ve seeing them in black, mustards , chevrons, and burgundies, the satin is what makes this blouses so irresistible.

 zara fall tweed coats lizostyle

Another great piece worth acquiring are tweed coats or dusters, these pieces are forever to use, I have a few Chanels and a lot of Zaras like this one, it was love at first sight. 

 zara fall tweed coats lizostyle

The cinched bucket bags is back! (say it out loud 3 times lol) I’m totally living this trend, I have a few more in my cart, they are practical, cute  and well, HOT! what other excuse do I need! Talking about accessories, where do you stand on the micro cat eye sunnies style? I wasn’t sold at the beginning but it was because all I was seeing were plain plastics in black but now new styles started hitting the stores, like these QUAY oh la la ! Me los llevo puestos!


zara fall tweed coats lizostyle

Jewelry is also a must! and more if they have an important message like the new Kendra Scott Collection, Tell Your Story, you’ll be able to find these charms in stores by 10/26 and if you are in San Antonio Tx,  join me at the Quarry location because Kim Frickpicks and I will host this event! the pieces I’m wearing  have a special meaning, the starburst in my necklace means  “with the pearl of wisdom radiate truth and confidence” goosebumps?! I can’t wait to show you more!

Well my loves this is all for today, I hope you like hair ! Don’t  forget to add me on social for your daily dose of style ! xoxo


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