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Headphones vs. Earbuds ft. ELEPAWL


What’s better, headphones or earbuds? I’ve been asking  this question over and over to myself, my husband and friends, now I have the answer.

elepawl headphones

I was more into the earbuds for their practicality, I’ve gone through so many of these, that I can tell in a quick glance which ones are more likely to hurt my ears in the first 5 minutes of use but the reality is that I’ve never owned a pair of headphones before, opposite to my husband who is a huge fan, this is actually when the question was born, why does he prefer the bulky ones over the tiny wireless earbuds, his answer: Noise Canceling. noise what?

elepawl headphones

elepawl headphones

Noise canceling headphones are a big thing and I didn’t know about it, I see them more and more  everyday everywhere, they keep you safe in your own little world, great for traveling or when your are out and about in the loud city, walking the dog or just chilling at home, the selling point?  Acoustics are true to the sound plus these models are doctors preferred. wait why?

elepawl headphones

Yes my friends, I learned two important things after I started using the ELEPAWL Wireless Headphones; earbuds don’t have the noise canceling feature, therefore we tend to higher up the volume to get a better acoustic and the fact that they are in ear it’s already giving you 9 Db more than headphones, which can progressively lead to hearing loss depending on how loud and for how long we play the music. this is basically why doctors recommend over the head earphones. 

elepawl headphones

After I found out about this fact, I stopped using earbuds for music, now I only need them as handsfree when I’m on a call and I use the ELEPAWl to listen to my jams, or for when I’m editing videos(they are my best tool for sound editing) and because the bluetooth is so easy to pair with all the devices, I even use them with the TV, I can watch my series in my living room in the middle o the night (my favorite  screen in the house) without disturbing my kids sleep!(happy dance)

There you have my reasons of why I evolved from earbuds to headphones, funny thing is that when I’m ready to disconnect and get into my own little world (mainly in flights) there’s always someone drawn to the sleek wirelessly design who starts asking questions about it. Haha oh well. 

elepawl headphones

Photo by: BD photography 

Location: Slim & Trim beauty

If you want no know more about this brand check them out on AMAZON, they have more technical details that could  interest you.

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XO's Rose Ferreira

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