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About Us

Rose Ferreira


Hi welcome to my Blog!  Café con Ellas was founded with idea of sharing  interviews about every day topics and interesting people. Soon after, our audience started requesting more content about fashion, beauty, and travel this brought the The LizoStyle to life, here is where I share my personal style, beauty products and my trips but more than that I want to inspire you to become the best version you can be and deeply enjoy this stage of your life; whether you are a student in a “tight budget”, a  homemaker who thinks she “doesn’t need” to look stylish  or a professional who “must keep” an image at work; I’ve been down those roads and yes you can be productive and yes you can still look and feel fabulous.

If you are interested in learning more about my styling sessions, wardrobe / closet edits and image consultation, I’m only a click away!

~ Dress like if you are going somewhere better later


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